Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird for Microsoft Office 365 (Beostores)

Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird for Microsoft Office 365


Due to the way Office 365 stores information we will not recommend using POP3 – this guide is exclusively for IMAP.


Adding the account

If it is the first time running Mozilla Thunderbird, you will be met with the account creation window, else it can be found using this method:

  • Open the menu by clicking the ☰ symbol:
  • After selecting New, the menu will change to the following:
  • Select “Existing Mail Account”.


Setting up the account

    • Input the following information as listed, bear in mind you need to use your supplied email address as username instead of
      The name listed under “Your name” is the name stated when you send mail, This should be the store location name.
    • After you have entered these 3, the Manual config button is available, click this and enter the information as below:
      Again, be aware that Username for Incoming and Outgoing is the e-mail address in full
    • Click the “Test” or “Re-Test” button
    • Click “Done” if the account is not created
    • Account is now ready for use